Tampa PC Consultants is always testing for the Latest IT security threats. Right now Modern malware is all about stealth. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), one of the most vicious examples of a stealth threat, precisely target your organization and its data. APTs are sophisticated weapons to carry out targeted missions in cyberspace. Data leaks, including espionage and exposure of corporate data, were a primary theme this past year.

APT attacks in 2013 were well-planned and well-funded; carried out by highly-motivated, technologically advanced, and skilled adversaries. Even after successfully accomplishing the mission, the APT continues to live on to gather additional information. Defending against the stealthy and persistent nature of APTs is a complex undertaking, and requires a coordinated approach to defend your organization’s systems as well as the network.

The growing popularity of the Internet of Things (e.g., mobile devices, applications, social networks, and interconnected gadgets and devices) makes your organization’s systems and network moving targets. New threats arise with emerging technologies like near field communications (NFC) being integrated into mobile platforms. Innovative uses of GPS services to connect our digital and physical lives present new opportunities for cyber criminals to compromise your organizations
security and privacy.

Spams or unsolicited emails are a matter of concern for all those in your organization who use email. Spamming that is essentially a way of online marketing is carried out by professional email marketing agencies. They collect email addresses from various sources and then send bulk emails that in most cases are advertisements. These emails are hardly of any use for the receivers and they only clog up the resources of your system. Though software spam protection is the most commonly adopted method to filter spam, at the large enterprises where the volume of data transfer is huge, an anti-spam appliance is the most effective way to protect your system from spam email.

Security threats are always changing and the methods of defending against them must change too. Tampa PC Consultants has partnered with security companies that specialize in mitigating malware and spam security threats and adapt to the changing landscape of cyber threats. Solutions will vary from company to company, but most companies rely on endpoint software installed on all of the client devices as the first defense against security threats. We can then bring in edge appliances such as spam appliances, intrusion detection appliances and firewall appliances to further protect your organizations systems and network.

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